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What Size Duvet Should I Get for My Bed?

We all love shopping online. It's a great way to save both time AND money. Shopping for a new duvet should be a no-brainer. There are plenty of sites that offer affordable and good quality down and down-alternative duvets.

Before you hit the "Buy Now" button however, double check you have the correct blanket size. Many times, we have customers who bought the wrong size duvets and now have to alter their covers each time they buy a new linen set to fit their blankets correctly. In addition, because our sets cannot be mixed and matched they are often stuck with a fitted sheet that is just too big for their beds. Although we are happy to alter your blankets and fitted sheets, it would save you a lot more time and money if you double-check you have chose the correct duvet size before purchasing the duvet. 

For example, a customer purchases a full/queen duvet for her full size bed. Since it is called a FULL/queen she does not realize it is really not meant for a full bed. A queen bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a full bed. They are really two completely different sizes. In general, a full/queen really fits a queen bed much better than a full size bed. 

When she purchases her new linen set she finds out that the correct blanket size for a full sized bed is 76" x 86". Her"full/queen" blanket is 88"x 92" which is just way too long for her bed. Now, she also has to purchase queen size linen and her queen fitted sheet is too big for her full size beds. 

Another common mistake is when customer purchases a duvet cover without checking the sizing beforehand. The problem is that there is no standard blanket sizes across the board. Every manufacturer has different size blankets. A twin blanket can range from 63" to 70" across. 

Say she buys a 63" x 87" twin duvet. She buys a new linen set but when she puts it on her beds it just does not look right. Her duvet cover is 68" x 86" but her blanket is a good few inches smaller. She can get away with it but she hates how the blanket just never seems to fill up properly. She can have it altered to fit correctly but she wishes she would have known the correct size before purchasing her new set. 


So, what should you know before purchasing a new duvet cover?


1. For starters, know your bed size.

Not sure? Just measure across. 

Twin (39"), full (54"), queen (60"), and king (78"), are the standard US bed sizes.

(For the 'Jewish sizes' - 48" and 44", see below.) 


2. Next, know your duvet size.

If you are not sure check the label on the blanket. The measurements should be there. If they aren't, measure across and then down. 


If you would like to purchase a set from us these are the standard sizes we use:

Bed Size:  Blanket Size:  Mattress/ sheet Size:
Twin 68" x 86"  39'' X 75''
Twin Wide see below* 48″ X 75″
Full 76" x 86" 54″ X 75″ 
Queen 89" x 90" 60″ X 80″
King 104" x 92"  78'' X 80" 



*What should you do if you have a twin wide (48") bed? 

The 48 inch bed size (which we have named twin wide) was created by Frum mattress manufacturers. It is bigger than a twin bed (hence the name), but smaller than a full bed. Therefore, there is no duvet out there that is specifically made for this bed size.

A. Twin Blanket: 

Most Frum linen stores sell the 48" linen sets with twin standard blankets (68" x 86") as do we. Many clients do like the shorter look on the bed and therefore we recommend getting a twin blanket. Your twin wide linen set will arrive with a twin duvet cover. 

B. Full Blanket: 

There are many who prefer to go with a full size blanket (76" x 86") for a longer look on their beds. At this time we do not sell sets with full blanket covers and twin wide sheets (although we are working on bringing in some sets that will have this option, so stay tuned...) and the customer will have to purchase a full size set.

This means that your 54" fitted sheet will be 3 inches bigger on each side.

What can be done? Alterations on the fitted sheet, the use of bed clips, buying a 48" fitted sheet, or tucking the sheet under the mattress very well- this works nicely if you have high mattresses- are some options. 


What about a 44" bed? 

Currently, we do not offer this size. Most customers take the twin wide sets and tuck the sheet under or use bed clips. We definitely recommend going with a twin blanket here. 


Was this article helpful? We hope it cleared up some confusions. 

We love hearing your feedback! Leave us a comment below. 

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    When will you have 48” sets with a full blanket?


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