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Deep Cleaning Your Mattresses

Yes, we know that’s not what Pesach cleaning is about…but for those spring cleaning as they Pesach clean, this is the best way to get your mattress looking and smelling brand new.

Start by vacuuming your mattress well with the hose attachment; try to reach all the grooves.

Sprinkle baking soda all over the mattress and set it in using a scrub brush- you can use up to a box of baking soda per mattress. Let it sit for approximately 10 mins.  This will deodorize as well as soak up any oils that collected in the mattress over time.

Vacuum or use a brush to remove the baking soda.

Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and 1 Tbsp of CLEAR dish soap (to avoid stains) and spray an even coat on the mattress, then fill  the spray bottle one part water and one part hydrogen peroxide and spray again an even coat over the mattress.

Spread baking soda over that and scrub with a towel.

(Optional - another coat of hydrogen peroxide and then baking soda).

Let the mattress dry- it may take up to a few hours.

When it dries, vacuum the mattress well and you will have a mattress that looks and smells brand new.

Happy Cleaning! :) 

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