How To Care for Your Hotel Style Set

We get it. Our printed bedding collections are a breeze to wash. Our customers are busy entrepreneurs, moms, and housewives with no extra time. But even so, our customers want luxury and we are happy to provide. Caring for your Hotel Collection Set will require a few extra minutes of care, but remember a little bit of extra care will go a long way in keeping your set in pristine condition.   

Wash and Care Instructions: 

1. Before washing,  inspect top white side of shams and duvet covers for any stains before washing. Pretreat accordingly. Questions regarding treating a specific stain? Check out our blog post here for ways to treat common stains. 

2. Turn shams and duvet covers inside out to protect embroidery. Zip covers shut to prevent envelopes and shams from getting lost inside. 

3.Wash on a delicate or cold cycle. Do not use Tide detergent. We recommend using a powder detergent like Gain. Dry on low heat. For best results ,dry one set at a time to give room to fluff up.

4. To prevent extra creasing, fold and put away or make your beds immediately.

5. Once your beds are made, touch up top of duvet cover and shams with a steamer or hand iron on low heat for a few minutes. Avoid ironing the embroidery. Alternatively, you can use a decreasing spray. 

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