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How to Clean (Almost) Every Type of Stain

 As every working mom under lock-down can attest, working and half-supervising your kids is a recipe for some kind of trouble.

In our house my toddler found his inner artist and using various different mediums (namely, pen, permanent marker and an oily dressing in a spray bottle) he set out to express his creativity all over my linen samples.


Each time I cleaned those samples till they sparkled anew I was amazed to learn yet again that no stain is permanent. With enough grit and determination, you can even remove even the blackest permanent marker from your linen sets. 

Realizing I was probably not the only mom in this situation I asked our followers on our Instagram stories to let us know what stains they were having difficultly with. I am pleased to share all my stain-removing secrets with all of you right here. 

Before we start:

* Once a stain is dried in the dryer it is so much more difficult to remove it. Therefore, we strongly suggest you inspect your garments before washing them each time and again before they go into the dryer, to make sure the stain was removed. If the stain was already set, you will have to repeat the steps a few times before removing. 

* All tips here were tested on 100% cotton linen sets but they do work great with cotton clothing and towels as well. 

* Most basic stains come out with a good quality stain remover (might we suggest OxiClean?) in a regular wash. Some others need some TLC. Here are a few common ones: 

1. Oil: This is the easy one. Using a good quality dish soap (we like PalmOlive), dab at the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Wash in a regular cycle. This works because dish soap is built to cut grease and oil. 

2. Pen: The quicker you catch the pen mark, the easier it will be to remove it. Dab at the stain with rubbing alcohol using a clean cotton ball. Wait 5 minutes and repeat as many times necessary. Spray with stain remover and wash a you normally would. 

3. Permanent Marker: To ensure success it is crucial you work on it and soon as you see the mark.... the longer you wait the harder it will be. Clean it as you would with pen, however, be prepared to repeat the process a few times over. You can also try to clean with hairspray, plain vodka or nail polish remover. Do test a small inconspicuous spot before starting. Wash. 

4. Crayon: Using the back of a spoon, try to scrape off any bits of crayon. Then, using a toothbrush and liquid detergent, brush on it well. Rinse off and repeat as needed. Wash. 

5. Blood: Soak item in cold water and some detergent for at least ten minutes. Spray generously with stain remover and brush with a toothbrush. Wipe clean. If stain is still there trying rubbing in some vinegar. Repeat steps until stain is gone. Wash on a warmer cycle then usual. 

6. Makeup: For oil based foundations, I find using the dish-soap trick from step #1 really works. You can  try oil-free makeup remover for eyeliner and mascara stains. For oily lipsticks, try dish-soap or rubbing alcohol.


Let us know if any of these tips are helpful for you! Is there a stain we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments below! 

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  • So handy! I always gave up on hard stains but I see I don’t have to!


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