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The Easiest Shortcut for Smoother Sheets


Wrinkled linen bothering you? Want to get that crisp, clean, hotel look, without breaking your back ironing? Yes, we get it. We want that too. 

We have already gave you our secrets for washing our linen in this post for the printed beddings and this post for your hotel style embroidered set. 

We do recommend ironing the Hotel style Set just for a few minutes, once it is already on your beds, to get the most crisp look. However, even that can be annoying, and as busy moms we totally get you. 

Enter, the one product you should buy: The Downy Crisp Linen Wrinkle Releaser Spray. 

You can purchase here from Target and here from Amazon. 



Here's the How-To:

1. Tumble dry on low for less time then usual. Sheets will be very slightly damp.

2. Immediately make your beds. (Yes, I know it is annoying to make beds and much more tempting to leave it in the dryer until later but for the sake of smooth sheets please do not do that!)

3. Spray your product. It is a literal gamechanger. Just spray and smooth, spray and smooth. 

4. Voila! Smooth Sheets as pictured here! 


Many thanks to Rebecca Safdieh from @rsafdieh_ineriordesign for designing this beautiful room as well as for the images.

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