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Wash Instructions

While most of us don't love the weekly task of changing and washing our sheets, we all love jumping into a freshly-made bed with clean linen. 

Here's our complete step-by-step wash instructions and tips for linen that stays fresh and new for a long time. 


Step 1: Spay the stains with stain remover.

Yup, do this even before you strip your beds so you have an easy time finding the stains that need attention. Dab at the stain with a clean cloth until it is well absorbed. We love Oxi and Shout spray. For oil stains, we recommend using dish soap instead. Dish soap is created to cut crease, so take advantage of that. Works every time ;)


Step 2: Strip your beds. 

Make sure to zip your duvet covers up so that your pillowcases won't get lost in them. 


Step 3: Set your wash cycle. 

Use a delicate cycle with cold or warm water. Throw in your prepared linen (we sprayed it and zipped it already!) and grab your favorite detergent. We recommend staying away from Tide (its full of chemicals, and too harsh on the fabrics.) You don't need to go all natural but opt for detergent powders, they clean very well and are more forgiving with cotton materials. Our personal favorite is Gain Powder. It cleans well, its super economical, and the scent is other worldly. 


Step 4: Drying time!

Tumble dry on low. Stay away from high heats.  If your dryer is small, dry one set at a time to give them room to fluff up and get rid of unwanted creases.


Step 5: Fold or put on your beds.

Immediately! Your sets are not made from cheap poly but from 100% pure cotton and cotton does tends to crease. To prevent that make sure you fold you linen neatly and put it away in your linen closet or make your beds ASAP! 


Step 6: Quick iron on your bed- if needed only. 

The more printed your fabric is the less creased it will look. But if your set is a one color print or a stark white hotel style the creases will show up more. Here is what we recommend: Once your duvet is on your bed using a hand iron or steamer on a medium heat quickly smooth out those creases. Alternatively, you can use a decreasing spray for quick touch-ups.  


Now go enjoy those fresh sheets! 

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  • Can’t wait to wash my linen and take it up to a whole new level!


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