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4 Reasons Why you Should Pre-order Our Hotel Collection

Besides for being outrageously magnificent and oh-so-classic, we have customized this collection to fit your lifestyle. 

What makes our Hotel Collection so special?

1. White on the front side, colored on the inside. That's right. For practical purposes we kept the reverse side of the duvet cover, the fitted sheets and envelopes a matching color to the embroidery. You get that all white look, without that all-white pain to keep clean.

2. Embroidered by the Masters- We sent our sets be embroidered by a factory that knows embroidery. As a matter of fact, we sent it twice to them. The second time because we wanted it to be extra-extra tight. No worrying about the embroidery coming apart or unraveling. 

3. Luxury for Masses- Who knew that 500 thread count hotel style embroidered linen sets can be as affordable as $400 for 2 beds? 300 thread count (twin size) is just $300 a set. Enough said.

4. Easy to Care for- Yes, admittedly, not as quick as our printed bedding sets, but as with all luxurious items, extra care must be take to ensure they hold up well and last a long time. It won't be long or tedious, just a few extra minutes- we promise!

What will the extra care entail? Make sure to spray stains on the white side before wash, turn duvet covers and sham inside out to protect embroidery, and touch up with a hand-iron or steamer once your beds are made. 


We are now open for preorders and will begin shipping mid-October. Orders will be shipped in the order of which they were placed. 


Here's a rundown of our options, for those of you that didn't check it out yet:

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