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Chanukah Gift Guide 2021

It is with much pleasure, that we present you with our 2nd Annual Chanukah Gift Guide.

Since we debuted our Chanukah Gift Guide last year, Aura & Belle has grown tremendously. We have added many new collections in all price ranges and styles to suit all of our customer's varied preferences.

After our much-anticipated Hotel Embroidered Collection finally arrived, a hotel-style set in color was requested. Therefore, we created the Color-Based Hotel Set in both taupe and grey.

Next we introduced the AT-EASE collection to the delight of moms everywhere. It is an easy-breezy children's and teen's collection in fun and playful patterns at very competitive pricing.

 Then, we added more BABY sets in all price ranges and styles to our collection.

 We also designed many more prints for our much-loved classic PRINTED BEDDING collections in both 300 and 400 thread counts.

 Due to customer demand, we created more styles in both King and Queen sizes and added a brand new size called 48''/Full. Those with 48'' beds can now choose to have either a twin or full sized duvet.



For Your Little Man: The Houndstooth Duvet Set

With a reversible duvet to suit any mood, tantrum, or room décor, this set is an easy choice for your little man. This AT EASE set is both affordable and comfortable leaving mom and son both happy.





For Your Princess: Reversible Cotton Blossom Duvet Set

A delicate cotton blossom design runs through this reversible duvet cover in a brilliantly subtle way. Pink or white side today? Let's leave that entirely up to her highness.





For Your Picky Teen: The Geo Print Duvet Set

Cool and modern. Comfortable and clean. The Geo set is a beautiful teal color with piping all around the edges giving it a gorgeous finished look. Our (picky but amazing) teen loves it and we are sure your teen will also approve.





For Your Classy Mom: The Embroidered Hotel Set

With 4 different color-options and 5 different sizes, made from luxurious sateen cotton, it won't be hard choosing for her. She will love this crisp, clean look with a bold pop of color- a twist on the Classic Hotel style.





For your cool sister: The White Butterfly Set

Yes please! A hand-drawn delicate design with soft pops of color runs through a clean white background. At only $200 a complete set this option makes the perfect affordable gift.





For Your Brother, The Bachelor: The Brushstroke Duvet Set

Cool, edgy, modern? Check. Comfortable and easy to care for? Check, check. No feminine or girly flowery print? Nope, only a bold brushstroke design. With his boxes all ticked, this set is sure to please the bachelor in your life.




For Your Son in Yeshiva: Sateen Fitted Sheet- 2 Pack

Does he dread washing his linen? Gift him with 2 extra luxury fitted sheets. Let him sleep in comfort and security away from home knowing that Mommy has got his back. Comes in many color options to match any set.




For Your Seminary/ college Daughter: The Bitsy Floral Duvet Set

You want her to be comfortable. You want her to fit in with the 'right' linen. You also don't want to spend a fortune on a set that is meant for just a year. This AT EASE set with its sweet feminine print is waiting just for her.





Your  Amazing Daughter-in-law : The Colored Based Hotel

She has a minimalistic clean taste but is also blessed with your adorable (and messy) einkilach making all white sets a big no-no. We created this colored set for young moms like your amazing DIL. (Also, you might just be nominated for the best shvigger award).





For Your Angelic Baby: The Rocking Horse Crib Set 

 Sparks of pure magic will fly when this gender-neutral set graces your baby's nursery. Featuring a whimsical taupe hand-drawn embroidered design.






For The Teachers: The Cashmere Kiss Sachet and Room Spray

A classy but affordable gift for the many teachers in your children's life is possible. Choose from a variety of scents and options.





For The Good Friend: The King Size Embroidered Sham

This beautiful embroidered king size sham is a gift of true elegance. With both light grey and taupe color options, it is easy to match your friends room. Optional customized embroidery will add that beautiful personalized touch.





For  Your Sophisticated Niece: The Pink Butterfly Set

She's only a tween but she sure knows what she wants. Chip in with all the other aunties and make her dreams come true with this gorgeous butterfly set.





 For The I-Don't-Know-What-To-Get-Her- But-I- Still- Must-Buy-Her-Something: 

The Aura & Belle Gift Card

When in doubt, give the gift of choice. You will never go wrong with that!






 For Yourself: The Feather Set

You deserve it. Go ahead and gift yourself. Can we recommend this super-soft and super-chic feather set that will change the way you sleep forever?





Need help ordering? Can't decide what to gift? Chat us on our site or send us a whatsapp or Text at 732-994-3464.

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