Why you should be excited about our new crib line.

If you follow us on Instagram you are already excited. If you don't, I am here to explain what the hype about our new line is. 

After multiple requests from our customers we decided it was time to treat you all to a high-line baby bedding line at affordable pricing.

We of course did lots of testing and research and eventually we were pleasantly satisfied with a new manufacturer we discovered. He offered to produce for us the sweetest line of pin-tuck bedding in 400 thread count 100% cotton, of course.

Yes, we are spoiling your baby now. 400 thread count for a crib set!

But we didn't stop there. We asked that he produce in addition comfortable baby comforters as well as a baby size pillow. We know finding those teeny-tiny sizes are difficult and we wanted to make this shopping experience a literal dream. 


So here is the deal:

Your baby bedding packing comes with a pin-tuck duvet cover, a comforter, a sham, a pillow an a fitted sheet all for just $125. But we are not stopping there. All sets will only be $90 until the end of august.

To match every nursery we are bringing the set in light pink, dusty rose, sandal, mint blue, lavender, white, grey and navy.

Extra fitted sheets in both grey and white will be available for just $15. 

A few customers asked if we can bring the sets in twin sized as well and we are happy to oblige. We will bring in a few limited pieces in white, mint blue and light pink. 

So sit tight as our crib sets come rolling in.

If you have any questions please ask- we would love to hear from you! 


Till next time, 

Rivka & the A&B Team 


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